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Dominated ladyboy vol 1

Dominated ladyboy vol 1, Sexy blonde in bondage gets dominated by a male dominatrix, when she woke up she tried to move her body but shocked she had her hands tied on her back. She was lying there naked unable to move. Then the dominatrix came closer to her and gave her a drug and told her not to disobey him. She tried to struggle out and get her hands free but failed. With this the dominatrix was mad at her he slapped on her chick an announced that she will be punished. He brought a whip and started hitting her nipples. After few minutes her nipples were all red with many scratches. He pinched her nipples she screamed in pain.

Sexy ladyboy in bondage gets dominated by a male dominatrix

After that he had her get in doggy style and hit her booty with whip until it was all red just like her boobs. After that he lit a candle and started dropping hot drops on her boobs she was feeling so much pain and crying. He didn’t care of it and dropped hot drops of candle on her booty and booty for few minutes. By now she was sobbing with all this torture and had no more strength left to fight back. He got behind her and started stroking her cock. She didn’t fight back instead she started to have erection. Now she was ready, After that he had her suck his cock and fucked her ass in different position while teasing her cock.

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